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Our Reformed Church Service Book Our Reformed Church Service Book

by Van Rongen, G.

A book about a book, which most people do not even have, at least not bound in one volume. The author in this book examines the origin of a range of Bible translations used throughout the English speaking world, liturgical issues such as the singing of Psalms and hymns and traces the history of the Book of Praise, developed by the Canadian Reformed Churches and also used in the authorís Free Reformed Churches in Australia. Additionally, he reviews the Creeds and Confessions adopted by both Church federations, the liturgical prayers and forms, the various forms for matters ranging from Baptism to Excommunication and Readmission, Orders of Worship and Church Order. The information also could be helpful for anyone wanting to know more about the Continental Reformed heritage and roots.

Paperback, 410 pages,

USD 13.95 / CAD 17.95

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