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Covenant and Election Covenant and Election

by Van Genderen, Dr. J.

All the commands and prohibitions of the Decalogue flow out of the covenant relation: "I am the Lord your God." That is the prologue to the entire law, summarized Genevan church reformer John Calvin. God thereby declares that He is the God of the Church. In light of these words Calvin expounds both the Ten Commandments as well as the summary of the law. For him the law is the law of the covenant of grace. It is a confirmation of the covenant made with Abraham. Even though the law serves to bring out transgressions (Galatians 3:19) it is clothed with the covenant of grace (the covenant of God's gracious acceptance). The author specifically addresses issues as they arose in the Netherlands but they also are very relevant in the English speaking world.

Paperback, 110 pages, Notes, indexes of Scripture texts, names, subjects and places.

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