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Is the Bible a Jigsaw puzzle, Is the Bible a Jigsaw puzzle,

An evaluation of Hal Lindsey’s writings

by Boersma, T.

The book The Late Great Planet Earth has been read by millions and was turned into a motion picture as well. Hal Lindsey has made people all over the world aware of Biblical prophecy. His “jigsaw puzzle” approach to Scripture raises numerous questions, however. How does Lindsey read the Bible? How should one interpret it? Was the Bible written to foretell the events of our day? Relying on the best in Biblical scholarship, the author analyses Scriptural prophesies such as those in Zechariah, Ezekiel, Daniel and Revelation. What about the future of Israel and the Jews? Stop wondering, this is the book that ponders the answer…

Paperback, 193 pages, Notes.

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