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Nobody's Boy Nobody's Boy

by Malot, Hector

The author in a compelling plot, follows the ways of ‘foundling’ Remi who gets hired out to a traveling street entertainer when his ‘foster’ parents fall on hard times. Going from village to village with its act, ‘nobody’s boy’ has numerous adventurers until his boss also falls on hard times and perishes homeless and destitute. Remi’s life includes a number of surprising twists and turns, leading to a climax and a very happy conclusion when he is reunited with his family. The book Nobody's Boy has received wide acclaim as one of the supreme juvenile stories of the world and was translated from its original French (Sans Famille) in many languages, in Dutch as Alleen op de wereld. In the midst of its early popularity, the book was crowned as one of the masterpieces of French literature. It soon was followed by En Famille, which was published in English as a companion story under the title Nobody's Girl. A very inspiring book.

Paperback, 233 pages, Illustrated.

USD 11.95 / CAD 16.95

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