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In This Hour In This Hour

A Story of World War II and the Floods of 1953

by Van Reest, Rudolf

The book vividly weaves the tapestry of a small Zeeland island village where several characters passionately debate complex issues tied to events of the day, such as the WWII Nazi invasion, the surrender of the Dutch army, the legality of foreign rule as well as resistance against a brutal regime and secretly harbouring fellow citizens on the run, fleeing inundation as part of warfare and the liberation by the Allies, in 1953 followed by a disastrous flood which devastated entire communities and snuffed out the lives of many people.

How do Christians respond to such situations? In a powerful way, the author engages his readers on every page towards a very fitting conclusion.

Paperback, 279 pages, Illustrated. The book is a translation from the Dutch language.

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