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The Genevan Psalms in Harmony, The Genevan Psalms in Harmony,

by Goudimel, Claude

The rhyming of the Psalms in the 1500s was a project that took decades, involving several poets. Started by Calvin, the work was continued by Clement Marot and finished by Theodorus Beza. A number of musicians supplied the melodies, with 26 of them put to double use. Within a few decades after the Psalter’s completion, the Genevan Psalter was being used throughout Europe. French musician Claude Goudimel harmonized the Psalter, according to his foreword in the 1565 edition, specifically dedicated for a 4-part cappella singing at home. North American organists for their Genevan Psalms’ music to date relied on a Dutch translation of Goudimel’s work. This translation is thought to be first one available in the English language.

Hardcover, 373 pages, Coffee-table book size.

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