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De opstand kwam uit de Bergen De opstand kwam uit de Bergen

Een episode uit de strijd der Hugenoten De oorlog in de Cevennen (1702-1710)

by Van Enk, P.L.

A significant number of Dutch people are aware of their French Huguenot ancestry through one or more family lineages. They often only know in general terms why these French ancestors sought refuge in the Netherlands. This book brings to light a segment of Southern France Huguenot history, in which leaderless persecuted Reformed laity took up arms against the henchmen of Louis XIV in a very bloody defense of freedom of religion and conscience. Outside the mainstream of Huguenot society and isolated from fellow Calvinists, the fiercely independent Cevennen mountain dwellers for several years brilliantly outmaneuvered the king’s army but eventually were ruthlessly annihilated or suppressed. The author retells the story based on eyewitness accounts of that era and concludes it with an overview, which places the episode in a broader and context.

Paperback, 237 pages, Illustrated, glossary of French words, bibliography, index, tourism sites, Dutch-language only, special import

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