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Oorlog in Zuid-Limburg Oorlog in Zuid-Limburg

10 mei 1940

by Brongers, E.H.

For Dutch military strategists the defense of Southern Limburg in terms of the overall policy made little sense.

For Germany, the protruding tongue wedged between it and Belgium was a major strategic obstacle in the corridor towards seaports Antwerp and Rotterdam. Neutral in WWI, the Dutch guarded their border with Germany well but lacked the required resources. It therefore seems all the more fascinating to learn that a small number of ill-equipped Dutch soldiers in May 1940 literally stopped the highly mechanized German war machine on its thrust to Belgium for more than 24 hours and by doing so far exceeded the intention of the Dutch command. For his book, the author extensively relied on Dutch and German archives. This heroic Dutch resistance to the invading German was a major irritant to Hitler.

Paperback, 192 pages, Richly illustrated WWII history, lists of military units, maps, bibliography, index, glossary of military ranks, Dutch language only, special import, slightly worn in transit

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