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Phoenix, The Fateful Journey Phoenix, The Fateful Journey

Tragedy, Survival and Heroism

by Textor, John

Immigrating to America involved a perilous trip across the Atlantic. That inland travel could be extremely dangerous is aptly described in John Textor’s well-researched historical novel Phoenix, The Fateful Journey. Within sight of their Sheyboygan destination, hundreds of people, mostly Dutch, perished on Lake Michigan. In total, less then fifty, about thirty Dutch, survived the ordeal. Particularly the Dutch communities of Winterswijk, Aalten, Enter, Wish/Varsseveld were hard hit with casualties in one of the most horrifying ship disasters in the history of immigration. The book Phoenix is more than just about a horrible disaster. It foremost describes common folks from small Dutch communities looking for freedom and opportunity in the New World. It is a testimonial to those who survived against all odds, and who went on to resume their daily lives. The book closes with a section on some Dutch-born survivors, and lists the other passengers mostly by name and origin.

Hardcover, 240 pages, Hardcover with jacket, illustrated historical novel, passenger list with places of origin, and historical context of maritime disasters.

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