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Aartsbisschop in oorlogstijd Aartsbisschop in oorlogstijd

Een portret van kardinaal De Jong, 1885-1955

by Van Schaik, Ton H.M.

The surrender of the Dutch army in May 1940 was not the end of warfare in the occupied country. With the military conquest out of the way, the Nazis increasingly were attempting to win the hearts and minds of the Dutch public for their ideology. In particular, the Dutch churches resisted this drive by organizing a common stand. Archbisshop De Jong of Utrecht repeatedly spoke out against the Nazis and protested the brutal measures against and deportation of Dutch Jews. The author describes the life of a man who had preferred to remain a parish priest but met the challenges admirably. A $16.95 value. NOW on sale.

Paperback, 106 pages, illustrated, bibliography, notes, Special import, Dutch language

USD 7.95 / CAD 9.95

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