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The Path of True Godliness The Path of True Godliness

by Teellinck, Willem

This classic of continental Reformed spirituality is packed with scriptural guidance for believers who struggle to live a godly life. Written by a widely known sixteenth-century theologian, Teellinck offers much timeless wisdom that easily can be applied to the lives of contemporary Christians. Greatly influenced by the Puritan communities in England, the author moved beyond doctrine and polity to reformation of daily life and practice. A Puritan-style manual on how to practice godliness, it provides a basic knowledge of what godliness is, describes the realms of darkness and grace, and shows how to respond to those two realms. This classic from the "Nadere Reformatie” in the Netherlands offers a balance of doctrine and piety, a mingling of theology and life that has seldom been equaled in the history of Christianity.

Paperback, 304 pages,

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