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Golden Booklet of the True Christian Life Golden Booklet of the True Christian Life

by Calvin, John

This classic devotional has inspired readers around the world for more than four centuries and will guide one on how to apply biblical principles to everyday life. Originally part of John Calvin's Institutes, the devotional covers themes such as obedience, self-denial, the significance of the cross, and how believers should live their lives today. Rather than focusing on contemplative other-worldliness, the volume stresses the importance of a devotedly active Christian life. In style and spirit, it is much like Augustine's Confessions, Bunyan's Pilgrim's Progress, or Thomas Kempis's Imitation of Christ. Its intense practicality, however, sets it apart, making it easily accessible for anyone seeking to carry out Christian values in everyday life. The translator competently preserved the colorful language and direct style of which John Calvin was a recognized master.

Paperback, 95 pages, Limited Supply

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