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The Captivation of the Will The Captivation of the Will

Luther vs. Erasmus on Freedom and Bondage

by Forde, Gerhard O., and Paulson, Steven D. (editor)

Introduction by James A. Nestingen The Captivation of the Will provocatively revisits a perennial topic of controversy ó human free will. Highly esteemed Lutheran thinker Gerhard O. Forde cuts to the heart of the subject by reexamining the famous debate on the will between German church reformer Luther and his Dutch contemporary Erasmus, a theologian and philosopher. Following a substantial introduction by James A. Nestingen that brings to life the historical background of the debate, Forde thoroughly explores Lutherís book Bondage of the Will and the dispute between Erasmus and Luther that it reflects. In the process of exposing this debateís enduring significance for Christians, Forde highlights its central arguments about Scripture, God, the will, and salvation in Christ. Luther recognized that the only solution for humans bound by sin is the forgiveness that comes from Christ alone. Convinced that this insight represents the heart of the Christian gospel, Forde concludes with ten sermons that proclaim the message of salvation through Christ alone while elegantly relating theological inquiry to everyday life.

Paperback, 136 pages,

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