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The Dramas of Hospital Life The Dramas of Hospital Life

by Meyer, Henry J.

All the dramas we read about in this book make us aware of the patient’s challenges when submitted to a hospital. The author as a practical nurse was in the frontline, aiding people in all sorts of dire situations. Among these were life and death cases but also those dealing with the traumatized and the mentally unstable. So what happens in a hospital between nurses and patients? The stories all are based on true happenings and have been written in an engaging and easy-to-read style, very informative, yet entertaining. As an autobiography, the book relates the story of a young immigrant – introduced to the reader as Gerald Guldemond - who through an accident with discarded live ammunition in the Netherlands in 1945 himself was hospitalized, undergoing numerous surgeries. It attracted him to nursing but it took persistence to achieve this goal. In short there’s something for every one in this book.

Paperback, 240 pages, Out-of-print. Only a few copies remaining.

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