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Paul Paul

Pioneer for Israelís Messiah

by Van Bruggen, Jacob

This detailed yet eminently readable description of Paulís life and theology clearly depicts the life of a pioneer: adventurous, unpredictable, nonlinear, full of risks. Partitioned in two, in the section Paul the Pioneer, the author, a well-known Dutch New Testament scholar, describes the course of Paulís remarkable life. In Paul the Apostle, he discusses the place Paul occupies in the churchís historical development. The apostle Paul was no marginal or reactionary figure, but someone driven by a profound awareness of Christís kingship. He realized that the Christian faith was not a new religion, but the fulfillment of the messianic promises made to Abraham. Thus Paul was, above all, a pioneer for the Messiah. The author presents Paulís life, letters and historical position as an integrated whole and, in addition, supplies maps, figures, and chronological charts to help readers gain a clearer perspective on the ďmoving targetĒ that was the apostle Paul.

Paperback, 414 pages, Notes, bibliography, Bible text index, charts, maps, index of names and places

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