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Holland Mania Holland Mania

The Dutch Period in American Art - A fascinating and idiosyncratic work of art history.

by Stott, Annette

Holland Mania describes a curious and now little-known era in American cultural history. During this period, 1880-1920, old Dutch master paintings and Dutch antiques moved into American collections in unprecedented numbers. American artists populated six art colonies in the Netherlands, sending hundreds of canvases back to the United States for exhibition and sale. Historians meanwhile revised their understanding of colonial history to account for a much larger Dutch influence in the formation of American institutions and ideals, even going so far as to designate the Netherlands, as "the Mother of America." Tourists traveled to this new motherland to see where the exiled Pilgrims had lived before embarking for America on the Mayflower, and to visit scenes of seventeenth-century Dutch history. The love of Dutch culture and its association with American history affected architecture, interior design, advertising, children's literature, social entertainments, and even, briefly, women's fashion. This book traces the Dutch influence in turn-of-the-century American culture and offers explanations for the mania that developed for all things Dutch.

Hardcover, 320 pages, Hardcover with jacket, 100 b&w and 49 colour illustrations, bibliography and notes, indexes, new but out-of-print.

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