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You Only You Only

A popular Commentary and Study Guide on the Prophecy of Amos

by Feenstra, Peter G.

Centuries ago, the Biblical prophet Amos stepped across the border of Judah to proclaim words of warning to the northern kingdom of Israel. He called them to return to worship and practices that reflected a correct understanding of who God is and what He was coming to do in Jesus Christ. Amaziah, a high-profile priest of Bethel, was not amused, and he advised Amos to go back to his home and native land. But God had other plans! With a gripping and amazingly contemporary message, the Lord speaks to our hearts as well. As a popular commentary, You Only conveys how God breaks down all forms of self-styled worship so that His covenant children would lean on the saving work of Christ alone.

Paperback, 160 pages, Each chapter ends with a short list of questions for study groups

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