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Indonesia Indonesia

by Dalton, Bill

A country of incredible beauty and stupefying extremes, Indonesia sprawls across one-eighth of the globe, stretching between Malaysia and Australia. This is the most complex single nation of earth; each of Indonesia’s 992 inhabited islands – there are thousands of others as well - has customs, dress, architecture, dialects, and geography all of its own. Its wayang puppets, unearthly gamelan music, exquisite textiles, matchless and varied cuisines, ancient ruins and historical sites, nature reserves and friendly people make Indonesia one of Asia’s finest travel discoveries. This third edition of Indonesia guides readers to the best the archipelago has to offer. The text is complemented by unusually fine color photography, and by an intriguing sample of literary excerpts. A fine book also for the descendents of those who left Indonesia at the end of Dutch colonial rule, ideal for armchair travelers and for those hoping to visit there. A $15.95 value. NOW on sale!

Paperback, 412 pages, Richly illustrated, with maps, excerpts, historical overviews, a guide to cultural sites, and other practical information.

USD 7.95 / CAD 9.95

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