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The Arabian Mission's Story The Arabian Mission's Story

In Search of Abraham's Other Son

by Scudder III, Lewis R.

The book recounts the eighty-year-long history of the mission work of the Reformed Church in America (RCA) in the Middle East, written by a missionary who has spent decades in the Arabian Gulf. Including instructive discussion of missiological themes as well as the narrative of the church’s daily work in Arabia, the book is not only of denominational interest but will also provide important insights for mission students and those actively involved in a mission field. The author does a masterful job of illuminating these diverse landscapes by weaving together a story that covers more than 100 years and several locations with many characters moving back and forth, all of them involved in different kinds of ministry…. The story goes a long way toward providing a definitive account of the Arabian Mission and allows insight into Islamic society which by the events of recent years has attracted much attention.

Paperback, 578 pages, Bibliography, RCA mission timeline, and an index

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