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The Battle for the Hague - 1940 The Battle for the Hague - 1940

Dutch Army in 1940 heroically dealt Hitler's paratroopers huge blow.

by Brongers, Lt-Col. E.H

The story of the first great airborne landing operation in history. The plan conceived by Adolf Hitler to capture The Hague by surprise, was carried out as part of the Blitzkrieg offensive in Western Europe in May 1940. It became the only significant defeat the Germans suffered during their campaign. The otherwise very successful offensive, crowned by the surrender of France, overshadowed the setback and diminished Hitler’s enthusiasm for this military innovation, slowing its development, an advantage for the Allies. The loss of the ground the troops and paratroopers at The Hague was large; yet, the holes blown in the ranks of the German air transport fleet were much more drastic. It has been suggested – by Germans - that they never recovered from this blow. An invasion of England thus became an operation that was perceived as hazardous and difficult to carry out, while the plans to attack Gibraltar and Malta underwent important changes and were finally cancelled. The author was trained as an officer at the Royal Military Academy (K.M.A.) at Breda and later returned to teach strategy and military history at the institution. He wrote fourteen books on military history. A $42.95 value. NOW on sale.

Paperback, 255 pages, Illustrated, bibliography, maps, special import, limited supply.

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