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The Young Huguenots The Young Huguenots

by Floyer, Edith S.

Father and son left the room together and the poor mother sank down in an agony of prayer by the still open window, where the moonlight came in so brightly. Monsieur de St. Croix hurried on without speaking, till they reached his bedroom where, unlocking one of the travelling bags, he took out a small iron box and a French New Testament, which he put into his son’s hands. Aurčle rushed upstairs, where he found the boys almost dressed; Marie pale and silent, Louis crying, and Agathe chattering volubly. As soon as they were ready, he sent Agathe to her mistress; and taking Louis by the hand, he ran down the other staircase, followed by Marie and Guillaume. Age 11 and up

Paperback, 181 pages,

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