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Storms, Ice, and Whales Storms, Ice, and Whales

The Antarctic Adventures of a Dutch Artist on a Norwegian Whaler

by Van der Does, Willem

During the heroic age of Antarctic exploration in 1923, Dutch artist Willem van der Does talked his way aboard a Norwegian whaler and made a daring, often dangerous voyage to Antarctica. Storms, Ice, and Whales is the riveting eyewitness account of a nine-month ocean journey, and includes 141 original illustrations. At once adventure story and natural history, Van der Does’s tale is alive with the sights and sounds of his exploits, also revealing the many powerful emotions that he experienced during this epic trip. The first Dutchman ever to set foot in Antarctica, Van der Does grippingly captures the excitement, fascination, and fear generated by life in the coldest place on earth. His travelogue chronicles an amazing range of adventures, from the harpooning and processing of whales at sea to a ski trip atop the forbidding Ross Ice Shelf, and he renders much of what he saw in distinctive pen-and-ink illustrations that enliven every chapter. This historical gem first was published in the Dutch East Indies in 1934 and later in the Netherlands, and now is available in English for the first time. A $28.95 value. NOW on sale!

Hardcover, 415 pages, Van Baak Griffioen, Ruth (translator), 141 pen-and-ink illustrations

USD 16.95 / CAD 19.95

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