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Harebell's Friend Harebell's Friend

by Le Feuvre, Amy

When Harebellís father dies, the poor orphaned girl is taken from India to family in England. But Aunt Diana, who is to care for Harebell, dislikes children, and would rather send her niece off to a boarding school than keep her at her manor. Despite her loneliness, Harebellís vivid imagination endears her to most people she meets, except the ministerís son Peter, who considers her snobbish, boring, and arrogant because she rather tells the townís drunkard Tom Triggs, about her Lord Jesus than play his games. When Peter gets her into a terrible scrape, Aunt Diana distrusts Harebellís honesty. When Harebell learns she will be send to a boarding school, she runs away from home and again meets Tom Triggs . . . What happens next? Age 11 and up.

Paperback, 140 pages, illustrated

USD 7.95 / CAD 9.95

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