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The Spanish Brothers The Spanish Brothers

A Tale of the Sixteenth Century

by Alcock, Deborah

An accurate historical account of the rise, progress, persecution and demise of the Protestant Church in Spain. Only what concerns the personal history of the brothers and their family is fiction. But what is not fiction, but absolute truth, is that God repays His faithful servants a hundred-fold, even in this life, for anything they do or suffer for His Name’s sake. Deborah Alcock (1835-1913) was born and raised in Ireland during the years of the potato famine, as the daughter of a clergyman of the Reformed Church of England and Ireland. She was deeply interested in mission work among her Roman Catholic contemporaries. Her books contain church history in story form and are considered to be among the best historical fiction. Several have been translated into Dutch, French, and German.

Paperback, 239 pages, Illustrated

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