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American Visions of the Netherlands East Indies-Indonesia American Visions of the Netherlands East Indies-Indonesia

U.S. Foreign Policy and Indonesian Nationalism 1920-1949.U.S. Foreign Policy and Indonesian Nationalism 1920-1949

by Gouda, Frances & Brocades Zaalberg, Thijs

The book challenges the view that during the period 1945-1949, the American government and its foreign policymakers unequivocally backed the Indonesian Republic's struggle for independence. The same view of America's political endorsement of Indonesians' quest for independence continues to reverberate in the United States itself. On the basis of research in American, Indonesian, Dutch, and Australian diplomatic records and in the archives of the United Nations, Gouda and Brocades Zaalberg describe and analyze American visions of the Dutch East Indies/Indonesia from the 1920s to December 1949, when the Netherlands relinquished its sovereignty over the archipelago in southeast Asia to the United States of Indonesia. Their analysis suggests that the American diplomatic establishment was not as ignorant of conditions in the Indonesian archipelago as many Dutch people assumed, both before and after World War II. They also chronicle the unfolding of America's steady but tactical backing of its Dutch ally until early 1949, when U.S. assessments of the regions in the world where the Cold War might ignite into a 'Hot War' began to incorporate the anti-colonial, nationalist struggles in Indonesia and Vietnam. A $42.95 value. NOW on sale!

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