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American Railroads in the Nineteenth Century American Railroads in the Nineteenth Century

by Veenendaal, Augustus J.

Railroads in the U.S. were the Internet of the 19th century. The whole country opened up. Industry exploded. Numerous fortunes were made, lost, and sometimes made again, and included a significant Dutch participation. Railroads had a profound impact on technology, business, politics, and culture. This reference guide includes seven essays which provide historical overview and detailed examinations of critical aspects of the railroads. Also included are 15 in-depth biographies of persons who greatly influenced the history of the rails; 23 primary documents that illustrate the story with the participants' own words; 10 photos; a timeline; and an annotated bibliography to aid further research. This book by a Dutch railroad historian is the perfect starting point for anyone interested in this fascinating period of U.S. history.

Hardcover, 240 pages, maps, photos, table

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