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Afrikaans-English English-Afrikaans Practical Dictionary Afrikaans-English English-Afrikaans Practical Dictionary

by Kromhout, Jan

Afrikaans is part of the Dutch and Flemish language family, although it also has traces of low German and French. Up until recent times, along with English, it was one of the two national languages of South Africa. Since the demise of Apartheid, nine native African languages now are national languages as well. With over 6 million speakers, Afrikaans remains a major communication channel in the country which was ruled by the Dutch till about 1800. Updated for the new millennium, this compact dictionary includes comprehensive definitions and idiomatic expressions. A $19.95 value. NOW on sale!

Paperback, 373 pages, 25,000 entries

USD 12.95 / CAD 14.95

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