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A Friend Among Enemies A Friend Among Enemies

The Incredible Story of Arie Van Mansum in the Holocaust

by Keith, Janet

When the Nazis who had invaded the Netherlands in 1940, started deporting Dutch Jews eastwards in the Summer of 1942, Arie, realizing these fellow citizens were in danger, began - at the risk of his own life - the task of aiding what became scores of these persecuted men, women and children. The help consisted of providing hiding places with Christian families who previously were known to Van Mansum, supplying rationing papers for daily necessities, and encouragement and hope. The book also details Arie’s capture and release by the Gestapo, and is a window on resistance work in the Netherlands’ southernmost province, Limburg. A $24.95 value. NOW on sale!

Hardcover, 163 pages, photo section.

USD 16.95 / CAD 19.95

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