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The Church Says Amen The Church Says Amen

An Exposition of the Belgic Confession

by Van Bruggen, J.

Coming to grips with Scripture requires study and meditation and is a personal but also a collective process. What are the origins of man and the cause of his brokenness, what is God's gracious gift in Jesus Christ and the sacrifice on the cross, what about the work of the Holy Spirit and the regeneration of man, and so very much more. Christians over the centuries repeated after God in their own words what they heard God say in the Bible. This process was not trouble-free but still produced documents known as Confessions of which the Belgic Confession is but one. "...We need to stand on the shoulders of those who have gone before us, to learn how they applied God's promises in the grit and grime of life's struggles, and repeat for ourselves (be it with words learned from them) what God has promised also to us - for His promises do not change. That need makes a good commentary on a treasured confession invaluable for today's English -speaking Christians." - from the book's preface by C. Bouwman.

Paperback, 230 pages, Index.

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