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Geschiedenis van Kampen I Geschiedenis van Kampen I

Volume I

by Lenferink, H.J.J., editor; Van Mierlo, Th.M.; Van de Werdt, E.F.L.M.; Grooten, J.; Van der Pol, F.; Van Gelderen, J.;

The river port of Kampen rose to prominence as one of the members of the medieval Hanseatic League, an early and successful attempt at ‘foreign' trade relations. Situated on the banks of the IJssel, the city's in its earliest documentation, dates from 1227 when the Utrecht diocese granted fishing rights to local monks. The local St. Nicolas or Bovenkerk likely predates this. Volume One details the city's history up to 1800 and looks at the development of the cityscape, material culture, city governance, and church history. See combination offer for Volumes I & II.

Hardcover, 246 pages, Coffee table format, richly illustrated, bibliography, notes, and a seperately inserted index, Dutch language.

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