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We Followed the Stars to Canada We Followed the Stars to Canada

A Dutch family finds a new homeland

by van de Wiel, Debi

Leaving Holland in search of a new homeland seems to be the Donkers family's best chance to realize their dreams. It is 1950 and World War Two has left Holland in devastation - the nation's farmland has been destroyed, its historic buildings lie in ruins, the small country is becoming overcrowded; everywhere they are reminded of the awful memories of war. When Peter and Yoka hear about their parents' plan to immigrate to Canada, they are full of questions, hopes and fears. What will Canada be like? How will they learn to speak a new language? What food will they eat? Where will they live? But when the Donkers arrive at Pier 21 in Halifax after an eight-day journey by boat, their dreams of a life in Canada seem suddenly threatened. Although they were prepared for hardship, none of the family could have guessed the twists and turns their new Canadian life would take. We Followed the Stars to Canada is a valuable children's story based on the real-life experience of a Dutch immigrant family. Young readers will find the adventures of Peter and Yoka as they struggle to adapt to their new life in Canada both exciting and educational.

Paperback, 58 pages, Illustrated

USD 11.95 / CAD 11.95

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