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Die van ons Die van ons

by Beekmans, Jan & Philipsen, Martin

The Brabant saying of 'Die van ons...' (the English term ‘our people’ does not fully express it) already suggests a measure of pride, and respect, for the sons and daughters whose accomplishments in foreign lands are detailed in this Dutch/English book. The authors (members of the 'Stichting Cultuurhistorisch Boekenfonds Beek en Donk' trace those who emigrated from the Brabant twin villages and thereby ensure they are not forgotten by those who stayed behind. The book is a beautiful bridge between 'blijvers en trekkers.'

Hardcover, 172 pages, Illustrated with many family portraits and typical emigrant pictures, special import, Dutch/English. Just a few copies left. Hurry, please.

USD 19.95 / CAD 24.95

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