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Calvin College and the Christian Reformed Church

by Boonstra, Harry

The history of Calvin College is a fascinating one. The school's rise to prominence on the landscape of Christian higher education has been accompanied by important milestones in its relationship with the Christian Reformed Church in North America (CRC). Boonstra covers a wide range of pragmatic themes, including curriculum, student conduct, student publications, faculty hiring, and faculty views. But he also delves into broader issues that lay behind the daily activities of the school, such as issues of theology (for example, Sabbath observance, interpretation of Genesis, and common grace), philosophy, anthropology, geology, astronomy, film, drama, music, and card playing. Boonstra gives special attention to those periods of tension that later redefined the relationship between the college and the church. While of particular interest to readers connected with Calvin College or with the Christian Reformed Church, this study will also benefit students of American church history and those interested in the development of church-sponsored higher education.

Paperback, 166 pages, Bibliography, index.

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