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Particular Grace Particular Grace

by Kuyper, Abraham

Absolutely a must read for anyone dedicated to the glory of God's holy name and reformation of the church. This work of Kuyper was his most fundamental effort and witness in his labour for church reformation. The biblical truths of unconditional election, definite atonement, the inability of the fallen sinner to aid God in the work of salvation, and the blessed truth that our salvation is certain in Christ Jesus constistute the broad positive testimony of this volume. The author proves from Scripture that our personal assurance of salvation is grounded in the efficacious character of the Lord's atoning blood, the unchangeable purpose and good pleasure of God, and the faithfulness and irresistible power of the Spirit of Christ to impart and preserve the gifts merited for God's people. Kuyper rejected every form of the false slogan "Christ for all".

Hardcover, 367 pages, Notes

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