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The Church in the Last Judgement The Church in the Last Judgement

by Holwerda, B.

This booklet touches on a timely subject: The role the Church plays in the end of days. He provides an excellent perspective on how one should view the visions in the book of Revelations. All the judgments which God unleashes on the world ... have but one aim. It is to bring the world to repentance and to cause men to believe in the Word of Christ as it is proclaimed by the Church. For more reading on this subject, please consider this book as well: What the Spirit Says To the Churches
and Outlines on Revelation Volume 1
and A Series of Outlines on the Revelation to John Volume II
. This book deals with the pressing subject of Ready for the Rapture, Devotional about the coming of the Lord

Paperback, 51 pages, Continental Reformed.

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