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The Ten Commandments The Ten Commandments

Manual for the Christian Life

by Douma, Dr. J.

In his commentary, Douma tackles the difficult yet practical issues of our time with insight, thoroughness and faithfulness to God’s Word. Discussions on the commandments span current issues from religious craft to sorcery and witchcraft, from Sunday observance to civil disobedience, from abortion to euthanasia and suicide. Thoughtful laypeople will gain much wisdom and direction from this careful, up-to-date exposition of the Ten Commandments. Translation from the Dutch language by Nelson D. Kloosterman. “... This book imparts the light of the law with such clarity that the character of God is made wonderfully plain to us.” - R.C. Sproul. Other books by this author are: Christian Morals and Ethics
and Responsible Conduct, Principles of Christian Ethics.

Hardcover, 410 pages, With jacket, bibliography, ethics overview, Scripture index, general index

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