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Song of Survival Song of Survival

Women Interned

by Colijn, Helen

They survived three-and-a half years in a Japanese concentration camp for women and children in Sumatra during World War II. But these courageous women - missionaries, teachers, nuns, wives and children - had something special going for them: the great music of Beethoven, Schubert and Chopin. Having no instruments but the human voice, they created from memory the complex symphonic music they had loved. Even as disease and malnutrition thinned their ranks, these Australian, Dutch and British women used their unique choir to sustain a spirit that refused to accept defeat. A very moving, remarkable story about trying times of which (too) little has reached the North American public.

Hardcover, 216 pages, with (slightly frayed) jacket, illustrated, New, Rare Book, long out of print, one copy.

USD 22.95 / CAD 29.95

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