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The Mystery of the Three-Fingered Villain The Mystery of the Three-Fingered Villain

by Prins, Piet

The four friends, Paul, Roger, Herb and Eddie settle into the cottage on the Overlaar estate and are looking forward to an exciting summer vacation of swimming, biking, hiking, and taking riding lessons on Skippy, Baron Rensdale's prized horse. But soon there are slashed tires, a mysterious prowler, and a deliberately set grass-fire. Paul thinks that the events are related. Driven by curiosity, the boys soon are scouring the estate for clues. Their search turns up a road map which they had lost on their way to Overlaar and a three-fingered glove. Their detective work leads to a desperate cross-country chase to rescue their four-legged friend Skippy from the three-fingered villain. Will they be in time? Ages 10 and up.

Paperback, 168 pages, Illustrated

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