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A Furrow Laid Bare A Furrow Laid Bare

by Edited by Elsie Siebring-Wierenga and Elsie Navis for the Neerlandia Historical Society

The bittersweet story of a small, but very unique, Dutch Canadian farmer's community, located North West of Edmonton, Alberta in Canada. Founded in 1912, in an isolated and hard-to-access area then, the settlers wanted to build a community where folks would cherish their Calvinistic / Reformed Christian tradition with church and school. The book details the recollections of the pioneer families and the arrivals of later dates such as post WWII immigration. Pioneer life included many hardships and much poverty which made it very challenging for the wives of the settlers to provided for their families, and of whom a few served the community as midwives. The book includes sections on Neerlandia's Flora and Fauna, the Depression Era of the 1930s, The War Years, Family histories, as well as Community Growth.

Hardcover, 1022 pages, illustrated with 'thousands' of photographs, index, this 1984 volume has been updated, and revised and reprinted in 2000. Copies available only of the second printing.

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