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The Illustrated Bible Dictionary The Illustrated Bible Dictionary

A three-volume set

by Editor-at-large Douglas, J.D.

The Illustrated Bible Dictionary vividly depicts the art, architecture, archaeology, geography, anthropology and topography of the Bible. Based on the bestselling New Bible Dictionary, this three-volume reference is invaluable for visualizing the historical and cultural artifacts mentioned in Scripture. Illustrations include pictures of ancient Near Eastern flora and fauna, jewelry, pottery, weaponry, clothing, musical instruments, sculpture, papyri, farming implements, coins, furniture, buildings, transportation and more. Detailed maps chart out biblical regions and important structures like the temple and tabernacle.

Hardcover, 1726 pages, with jacket, richly illustrated, acknowledgements, index, slightly used, one jacket a bit torn at the back bottom. Out of print.

USD 79.95 / CAD 99.95

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