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The Four Adventurers Meet The Evil Professor The Four Adventurers Meet The Evil Professor

by Prins, Piet

When four young high school students decide to spend their summer vacation touring the country in a horse-drawn carriage, they meet up with plenty of action and whole series of exciting adventures. Their team spirit and a brave, old nag named Skippy carry the boys through one crisis after another. Tension mounts when Skippy is stolen and then later the hackney is taken by thieves. Next, the boys have a brief encounter with the police, and a run-in with a dark, sinister carnival shyster named Professor Pokanini. The climax occurs when the boys are caught in a frenzied brawl in a barn and are forced to fight for their lives. How is that going to end? Ages 10 and up.

Paperback, 170 pages, Illustrated

USD 8.95 / CAD 10.95

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