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Finding Truth Finding Truth

5 Principles for Unmasking Atheism, Secularism, and Other God Substitutes

by Pearcey, Nancy

Don’t Think, Just Believe. Right now in your church, possibly in your own family, someone is struggling with questions. Do you know how to respond? Formerly an agnostic, the author in her book offers a 5-part strategy to help her readers answer skeptics and advance the Christian faith. The book is a real-world training manual showing where worldviews get things right and where they go wrong. Through personal stories, Pearcey demonstrates that the life-giving truths everyone wants are found only in Christianity. The book can be used across the board with any set of ideas in the classroom, the media, or discussions with friends and family members.
'Nancy Pearcey has done it again. She’s written yet another important resource examining the importance of worldview presuppositions. I wish I’d had Nancy as part of my investigative team as a detective. She gets it; she understands how important our foundational beliefs are to any investigation. Principle #5, for example, describes my life as an atheist perfectly. If I’d read this book as a young man, I think I would have been challenged to re-examine my views much earlier. Nancy’s work has been important to my growth as a Christian, and her latest book will help seekers understand the importance of worldview, even as it helps believers grow in their confidence.' J. Warner Wallace – Author, Cold-Case Christianity
"Nancy Pearcey invites her readers to ‘test everything’ ... She illustrates how competing systems of thought borrow from Christianity even while rejecting it ... An immensely practical and insightful resource." — Ravi Zacharias, author, speaker
"A great book ... Nancy Pearcey has been to the church what Francis Schaeffer was to the believers of his day: a cultural intellectual who provides careful, thoughtful, and well-researched critiques ... I highly recommend this delightful book." — J.P. Moreland, Professor of Philosophy, Biola University
"Deftly exposes the inconsistencies and the failures of a host of modern idols." — Paul Copan, Professor of Philosophy, Palm Beach Atlantic University
“Pearcey promises that the principles she lays out will ‘provide you with the tools to recognize what’s right and wrong with any worldview—and then to craft a biblically informed perspective that is both true and humane.’ She makes the promise and she delivers on it. Finding Truth is, all-in-all, a worthy successor to Total Truth.” —

Hardcover, 384 pages, bound with jacket, notes, study guide and sample test, index,

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