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Every Square Inch Every Square Inch

An Introduction to Cultural Engagement for Christians

by Riley Ashford, Bruce

Faith with a Worldly Impact. But how does our faith impact our everyday lives? To what extent should we be involved with the culture? Christians have wrestled with these questions throughout history. Drawing on such sources as Abraham Kuyper, Francis Schaeffer, and C.S. Lewis, the author of this book argues that God wants our whole lives to be shaped by Jesus’ lordship. If Jesus truly is Lord over everything, then our faith is relevant to every dimension of culture. We must remove the barrier between “sacred” and “secular,” and allow the gospel to inform everything we do. We are to live our lives firmly in the midst of our cultural contexts, proclaiming Jesus with our lips and promoting him with our lives.

Bruce Ashford has a real gift to take complicated concepts and put them in words all of us can understand. In Every Square Inch he does just this as he helps us to think Christianly and comprehensively for the glory of Christ in all things. I will be recommending this book for those who want to cultivate a Christian worldview way of thinking and living. —Daniel Akin, President, Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary

The God who sent the Savior to rescue us as individual sinners also cares deeply about the larger world in which we individuals live. And that includes the world of culture—our art, our games, our family patterns, our political systems, and much more. In this excellent and highly readable book, Bruce Ashford spells that out clearly and with much wisdom. —Richard J. Mouw, Professor of Faith and Public Life, Fuller Theological Seminary

Bruce Ashford is one of North America’s most brilliant theologians. In this book he proves himself to be a true son of Abraham and Abraham Kuyper. This book will help equip you to think through the questions facing your church and community in the 21st century, including those questions you may not have thought yet to ask. —Russell D. Moore, President, Southern Baptist Ethics & Religious Liberty Commission
Competing Views on Theology & Culture
A Theology of Culture
Culture and Calling
Six Case Studies on Culture
The Arts
The Sciences
Politics and the Public Square
Economics and Wealth
Scholarship and Education
The Christian Mission

Paperback, 159 pages, notes, bibliography, Index of Subjects & Names, Scripture Index

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