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Bad Memories Bad Memories

Getting Past Your Past

by Jones, Robert D.

Do memories of your past haunt you? Is there help for people who suffer because of their own past? Most people who suffer from bad memories want them to disappear. Some want to deny the problem and "just forget the past." The author of this booklet shows that God provides a solution to the haunting problem of nagging bad memories. What is God's answer? If you belong to Jesus, God has something better for you, the author writes. God does not want to remove your memories; he wants to transform them into something good. God is bigger than your past. Your memories of past sinsóeven the worst onesócan be opportunities for life-changing growth. You do not need to avoid, run from, or get rid of your past. he points out that painful thoughts may still intrude, but you need not escape them. This booklet is part of the Resources for Changing Lives (RCL) Christian counseling series.

Paperback, 32 pages, notes

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