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Wambu - Journey to Manhood Wambu - Journey to Manhood

by Prins, Piet

Saved by Hassewiets and nursed back to health at the mission, Wambu learns more about Jesus. But the mystery and magic of the old tradition of witchcraft die hard in the boy’s heart. Wambu feels caught between the compassion of the new religion and the tyranny of the old. In the meantime, a language barrier keeps him from explaining about the captives back in Kitoe. Playing on Wambu's lingering superstition and fear, some distant relative cannibals try to force Wambu to guide an attack on the mission. Just in time he escapes to help frustrate the assault. At last he can ask for help for the captive children. A small but well-armed police squad makes a lightning dask to Kitoe, with Wambu as guide... Ages 10 and up.

Paperback, 182 pages,

USD 8.95 / CAD 10.95

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