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Wambu - In the Valley of Death Wambu - In the Valley of Death

by Prins, Piet

Against all odds, Wamby escapes Kitoe, but he is forced to leave behind Sirja and his sister Mawi, together with all the captive children of his village. To rescue the others, Wambu needs help from the white man Sirja has told him about. But to get there, he must first outrun his pursuers and beat them to the jungle. And all the while, the further he gets from Sirja, the closer his superstitious past looms. Hunted by foes, tormented by spirits, and plagued by malaria, Wambu stumbles back to his old village, now reclaimed by the jungle. Injured and helpless, he is befriended by the last remaining adult of his tribe, the renegade Hassewiets, former archfoe of the murderous Sendivar. Together they make a desperate, perilous effort to reach the white man. Ages 10 and up.

Paperback, 182 pages, ISBN 0-88815-787-8. Vanderheide owns Paideia Press's inventory of this title and welcomes inquiries from wholesalers and resellers.

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