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Is Jesus in the Old Testament Is Jesus in the Old Testament

by Duguid, Iain M.

Many Christians find the Old Testament to be a difficult to comprehend and ultimately ignore large parts of it—often because they simply are not sure what to do with it. Yet the author in this booklet maintains that the Old Testament is for Christians too. What is more, Christ is present throughout the Old Testament—in fact, when rightly interpreted, the whole book is about him (Luke 24:44). The author explores what it means to rightly see Christ in the Old Testament and looks at some specific ways the Old Testament prepares us to see and understand Christ’s ministry in the gospels. The Basics of the Faith booklet series introduce readers to basic Reformed doctrine and practice. On issues of church government and practice they reflect that framework—otherwise they are suitable for all church situations. Endorsements "If reading the first two thirds of your Bible feels like wandering through a foreign country, Iain Duguid's Is Jesus in the Old Testament? offers hope. Not only does he demonstrate that the Old Testament is all about Jesus, he shows how the ancient Scriptures' promises and longings find fulfillment in our Savior as the new Adam, new Israel, and new David. This booklet will enrich your appreciation of the events and words by which God forecasted Christ's redemptive mission before his arrival and will deepen your faith and wonder." —Dennis E. Johnson

Paperback, 40 pages, notes, bibliography

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