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Covenants Made Simple Covenants Made Simple

Understanding Godís Unfolding Promises to His People

by Rhodes, Jonty

What do the various covenants given throughout the Bible mean to us? Are they relevant to our lives? A rainbow now and then may remind us of Godís promise to Noah, and weíve memorized the part about the new covenant in Jesusí blood at communionóbut do we dig any deeper? Do we need to? The author guides us in an engaging study of covenant theology and why it matters. With clarity and wit, he shows his readers how covenants carry the Bibleís story from start to finish and ultimately give root to the gospel of salvation by grace. Beginning with Adam in the garden of Eden, and ending with Jesus, our risen Covenant King, he illuminates the good news of a promise-making, promise-keeping God. Key topics include law and grace, union with Christ, baptism in the Spirit, predestination, and water baptism. Rediscover the Bibleís unified covenantal story and its unfolding message throughout Scripture.

Paperback, 192 pages, illustrates with charts, notes

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