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Zarco, the Explorer Zarco, the Explorer

by Norel, K.

One summer day, the country lad Zarco hears a traveling minstrel sing the ballad of Prince Henry the Navigator, patron of far-flung journeys of discovery. Inspired by the bard, Zarco dreams of adventure at sea. At last, with his father's permission and the support of the great Pero de Alquemar, Zarco signs on as mate apprentice aboard the fleet of the famous explorer Bartholomew Diaz who discovers the Cape of Good Hope. Under Vasco da Gama, Zarco later sails to India. Zarco's adventures are stories of courage and perseverance, but also of fear and superstition, of hunger, illness and dreadful danger. And Zarco must face difficult questions: Are other nations not entitled to their freedom? He experiences the problems of a colonial empires, problems that will shape history for centuries....

Paperback, 190 pages, Illustrated

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