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From Embers to a Flame From Embers to a Flame

How God Can Revitalize Your Church

by Reeder III, Harry L.

Whether your church is healthy or struggling, the biblical principles in this book point the way to greater spiritual vitality. A pastor, seminary teacher, and conference speaker, the author has long specialized in church revitalization. He deftly alerts us to potential problems in our churches, helps us to recognize our weaknesses and opportunities, and guides us in applying biblically based strategies for rekindling the flames of godly growth. With upwards of 80 percent of American churches either in decline or at a plateau, many of our churches are ripe for renewal. Even thriving congregations can benefit from the insights, cautions, and recommendations packed into this concise volume. The priorities and procedures that lead a church "from embers to a flame" are not about numbers, however. They are about the wise application of biblical principles that lead to congregational health and genuine growth. Churches do not renew through warmed-over secular methodologies but through time-honored truths that build on the past and prepare us for the future. The authorís insights concerning prayer, the Word, godly leadership, vision, outreach, and more, serve both as corrective measures for declining churches and as preventive measures to keep healthy congregations moving forward.

Paperback, 256 pages, notes, Index of Scripture

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